List index too large only in apk

Hey guys,

I have an issue I am very confused with.

I get the common error:

But this only happens in the apk, not the companion, and it happens as soon as the app opens (without any action). It happens even when there is no screen initialize block. I have added if conditions to the screen error detector as that uses the select list item block but still I get the error.

Again, this only happens in the apk and the app works fine if i click behind the error a few times.

From what I (limitedly) understand, I don’t get how this could be happening as soon as the app opens without any action or screen initializing block.

Ok, so I managed to get rid of the error by putting IF statements at every use of a select list item block. I will find out which component or block caused this error and report back. Gonna take a while as I have to download the apk after each occurrence but its for a great cause.

Edit: The issue was a textbox. The on text changed block was executing for some reason when the app opens. Anyone have a clue why this would change when no action was done?

I noticed it’s a “normal” behaviour. On textbox creation or initializing, textbox.change.listener fires.

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It is more better to post your block if you does not post your blocks then we cant solve your issue

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This makes sense thanks.

Yeah my bad

Here are the blocks, I was just wondering if the on text change block triggers on its creation, which it does in my case so just checking.

blocks (3)

I added the if block after the error