List not reseting

I want to reset a list in colintreelistview. When select a string from spinner, clear the previous list and add new items to list and show them in same colintree listview. But it shows previous list items also. Help me


I have used create empty list method in my other project and it was worked well.

Have you tried what @techVsurya suggested?

Tried. Its not working

You used the empty list block, right? If so, once it’s deleted can you press right click on get global ListName block and press do it (be connected to companion) a comment will pop up, screenshot it and send it here.

I have been using mobile only. Then cant connect to companion

Then after emptying the list, add Notifier.Show Alert=get global ListName block and export the app. Screenshot the result.

So it empties the list, then you are doing something wrong with the extension and the title is not relevant.

I have checked. No wrong here

for example : blocks(1)

Check it is working.

I have tried above method also. Still not fixed

Any one help me please

It fixed now.

And your solution was?

I forgot to clear all list. I was cleared only list for colintreelistview


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