List of strings

I have a CSV with the following TEXT data:

0100,0101,010B, 010C

When I create list from that CSV I get 100,101,010B and 010C in that list as field without letters seems to be considered as numbers and leading zero is removed.

I looked but not found how to force all fields to stay as text in the list… I tried with single and double quoted fields and get same result.
Field definition:

and I use that to create list:


Any suggestion would be appriciated… :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex

Try this :point_down: snippet from @Taifun

How to get leading zeros in App Inventor


Shouldn’t be happening…


What are you doing to individual list items further down the line?


that represents two hex numbers. 0100 means actualy 0x01 and 0x00 but formated to be ready for sending via BT to OBD.

I have exactly the same solution… First empty list PID_List, then init allPIDStore as a list of all PIDs (for a search purposes) and then I create list… and fail… By my opinion it should work 100% with double quted fields…

that is how I use the list. Counter runs through all PIDs and depending on settings I add control characters at the end of the string

br Alex

Yes I know I could simply check direct in IF without extra looking for true :slight_smile:

Eh… stupid error… I mean it was not error at all. I log those values to see if all is ok. And there was an error as I opened log file on android with google … there I lost leading zero not in the app.

Sorry for bothering you with that and thanks for support.


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