List problem and tinyDB


I’m trying somehow to make a keychain password (this application will only be for me). I am using Custom List View extension and TinyDB.

What I want is:
1 textbox to add a title
1 textbox to add a subtitle
1 textbox to add a password

To be able to modify / delete an element

I manage to display them in my list, only when I restart the application, I have the impression that TinyDB multiplies me elements, which distorts all the data finally.

Do you have any idea of my error? Here is the aia test:
Password.aia (168.5 KB)

Thank you all !

test this… No need of multiple global lists… single variable alone is enough to achieve


Password_1.aia (165.9 KB)

Check up, Is it working to your expectation!.. @plumedours

Oh good ! Thank you very much, I complicated the task for nothing finally

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Hi !

Sorry, but I still have a problem. I’m trying to set up the option to delete an element when long clicking on the element. I display a message with notify, and if yes, the item is deleted. Only, when I click on Yes, it crashes the companion. And I can’t remove it from TinyDB to update the list (especially since it’s complicated to test if the companion bug)

Password.aia (190.2 KB)

Did I put a block that makes it crash?

I didnt open your aia… I just added the blocks in the previous aia which i sent to you because i am editing in mobile itself.

Password_1.aia (169.7 KB)

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@Still-learning Is there a simple solution without extension to sort my list in alphabetical order taking into account the title? Do you have a tutorial please?

I think I’m going to review the whole process and use Recycler List View, because I have 30 images to load to have a list of icons, and it’s faster with recycler list view

So, I solved my image problem, I added everything by hand, it makes the app a bit heavier but it doesn’t lag.

On the other hand, for my problem of list in alphabetical order, I tested the ListUtils and ListAddon eextensions, nothing has done, it does not work.

I got the aia back in working order, if anyone can take a look and help me sort out the list, thanks!

Password(1).aia (1.0 MB)

Hello @plumedours test this

Password2.aia (1.0 MB)

I have Changed in these places the blocks and found working without any error…


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Thank you so much ! It’s work perefeectly :slight_smile:

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Oh no, huge bug! I just realized that if two elements have the same title but not the same subtitle and password, they all become identical

And if I want to modify one of them, it crashes the app

Unable to modify an item, the error is: “List index smaller tha 1. Replace list item: Attempt to replace item number 0 of the list”

And for example, if I add an element named:
Title = Gmail
Subtitle = email address 1
Password = pass1

And that I add another element named:
Title = Gmail
Subtitle = email address 2
Password = pass2

Both elements are going to be like the first

EDIT : Okay, for the modification bug, it’s okay, I had forgotten a block to retrieve the iindex.

On the other hand, the bug when two elements have the same title is still present

(post deleted)

Pls wait

All right, thank you.

On my side, I try to put a condition that compares the text of the title textbox and if it exists in the list, but it doesn’t work, I’m still looking :slight_smile:

@Still-learning I think I will have to use another method, another extension to create my list. I have a display problem if the secondary text is a bit long, it does not display completely

Would you have an idea, a tutorial, to create this kind of list (it looks like a todo list, but with more info by elements: an image, a title, a subtitle (description), a secondary text)?

why dont you use dyna comp extension for this? or list view with image?

Because I don’t know how it works :frowning:

I will try with Recycler List View…
The advantage of Recycle List View is that I can make my list items look whatever I want (layout, color, size, etc… in a cardview etc…). But the big downside is that I can’t swipe right or swipe left, no long click on an item, so I don’t have much option to edit, delete or move an item like I wish

But if you can help me with an example aia, it will help me a lot

@Still-learning Hey, I’m trying with another extension, Recycler List, it works pretty well. For modification and deletion, I will use the long click on an element, and with a notify I should be able to choose whether I modify or delete.

On the other hand, I try to create my list with the elements sorted in alphabetical order, I tried to reproduce the same diagram as on the first version, but it does not work, I cannot add different elements , do you have any idea please ? Here is the aia, it’s on screen 2

Password.aia (1.2 MB)

sorry, i cannot… i find some problem between companion and the browser, Not connecting even with empty project(though use Updated Firefox- stays in 20% then getting disconnected, i have cleared cache)

Edit: Now working

Already i was worked in dyna comp. Sample

Update, delete function is not added yet

Yes, cool ! It’s with recycler list or another extension ?

Not with recycler view… @yusufcihan dynamic component extension. No lagging. Created instantly with title alphabetical order. On clicking update required items value will display in text boxes… Yet to fix del function. As i am having work yet to look into. Eveng will mail it

You can more characters in each label

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Very well thank you !

I had thought to do as on the last aia that I sent, to use the notifier for when you make a long click on an element, the choice is displayed: edit, delete, cancel.

Then, for the password text (the secondary text), I put it in an invisible arrangement, with a single button in each item to show or hide this arrangement