List problem and tinyDB

I dont know which one is password.

I have used

Image - title - subtitle
Extra text

In this order i have created.

Yes, it’s exactly this, so Extra text is Password ^^

Ok eveing i wil adjust in this order

Image - title - subtitle
Pwd text - button (hide/unhide)

And i feel (presonaly )in your case this update or delete button need to be present at every bottom of the user arrangement instead on long click… So you can run it easily… @plumedours

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Alright, I trust you! If you need buttons to edit and delete, we put them :wink: I will use material icon to make them look pretty

here is your aia

added Update, delete, Hide/Unhide… No issue with duplicates

PasswordNew.aia (373.1 KB)

Sorry I have deleted your assets as it takes longer time to connect

Use + icon to create nrw record

default value in UNHIDE… On clicking it it will change to HIDE and the password will visible

test this

great thanks a lot

When I want to update an element, it adds a new one rather than editing it, normal? @Still-learning

click on update button… Doesnot work for you?

Yes it’s work, but it add an item, not edit

Yeah… noted… It was worked earier… wait… lt me recheck it

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very first time it is working… but second time not triggering properly the index… working on it

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Check the video. No error. Exactly updating., deleting and creating… @plumedours


PasswordNew.aia (372.5 KB)

Thank you very much ! It’s work :smiley:

I will add pictures!

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@Still-learning I try to modify the design, I add horizontal arrangements etc…

Only I get this error:

Runtime Error

Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.Class java.lang.Object.getClass()’ on a null object reference
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

What does it mean?

You have not added the dyna com properly in some arrangement

@Still-learning I try to make design like this :

Expecting (type 1)

Or (Type2)

Oh ! Second type is very Nice !!

My method of dyna creation will be totally different. Working all fields…

Test it

PasswordNew1.aia (470.7 KB)

But my question is Why that three HA in VA?? Since it is VA we can directly create label in it …