List View - disable any click in the list after picking

Hi !! How can I disable a ListView(not turn it invisible) after user picking any item in the list ?
Thank you !!

I hope you can achieve this using custom listview made by dynamic component or Recycler extension

He want disable the click…

But the most simplest thing is, if you didn’t add any block in list view after picking then it will work… or else use index method upon every click. After n number of click may be you can design blocks to do further work

I use a simple listview without any long click, check box, etc. In my code, after picking an alternative, I check if it´s correct or not(Its a QUIZ), show a label with correct or ´incorrect´ and the listview is still there and enable to user choose another option. I desire is that user cannot choose another alternative…

So, I want to still show the listview but unable to user choose any alternative.

I can’t see your blocks, so have no idea how it looks and what you want to do if the user picks wrong choice from listview.

I’m not at my computer at the moment, but what about this?

Global variable:“Have user picked”: false

When ListView clicked
If Global:“Have user picked” = true
Then start procedure: Restart quiz
Else if Global:“Have user picked”: false
Set Global:“Have user picked”: true
If Get ListView index value = Correct answer
Then Set Label text: Correct answer
Else Set Label text: Wrong answer

Just a quick thought/example, no idea if this “workaround” helps :see_no_evil:

Or you could use extension Custom ListView, if I remember correct you can disable and enable clicks for indexes.

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Thank you for your ideas !!!
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Similar way… !!


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