List View Image And Text scroll but not dynamic label

I’m showing about 10 images with " List View Image And Text " while dynamic label is beside this images (using vertical arrangment)(like one image is corresponding to it’s dynamic label) in my app.
but the problem is whenever i scroll up images, only images scroll up while dynamic labels are steady .

in my case dynamic labels must be stay with it’s image.

is it possible either both image and label scroll combined OR
stop scrolling of " List View Image And Text ".

Sorry didn’t understood your query. Can you explain a bit more?



See, to list down Images, i have use list view image) and text (vertical arrangement) while to show labels (here ‘X’) i have used dynamic label(vertical Arrangement).

while i touch on image and scroll up only images will move and label not.

i want to move either both of them or make both steady.

Then wrire the "X"s as the image and text title/subtitle.

how can i write multiple text line for “LISTView Image and text”.

i’m also using textbox like as label beside label.

Ok, so I tried a bit similar thing a few days ago but with dynamic labels (to see if I can integrate it in my app) and not with any ListView (just because I think the result will not be proper while using any ListView

Here :point_down: is the result

Scroll.mp4 - Google Drive

my problem is in video. in video, "listview with image and text " with vertical arrangement labels and textboxs are Dynamic with vertical arrangement.

My app problem.mp4