List viewer adding items

hi i am new to coding in kodular
i want to ask how to add items in list viewer.
pls kindly help

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please use search option before creating any topic… There are 100 plus discussion on this topic…


ok i am sorry

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Just visit the link… & There are discussion to add items in listview…
Either by online database Or by offline database…

actually i am kid and new to coding in kodular

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That’s cool… But This all are basic which you learn by reading some tutorial pdf of app inventor…

Check out this tutorial…

We don’t have any age limitations. I am a kid too :wink:


actually i have been making apps on thunkable
i will ask q/a if i have any

cool man but i have started

Before asking questions you have to search about it… Because it’s a rule of community…
You have to follow guidelines of community else you will be suspend…

If any posts solves your problem, please mark a solution tick. I think you know that in Thunkable community, right?

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i am new to community

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i am new to community of thunkable and kodular both

Must read community guidelines…

Hmmm… I think you mark the wrong post as solution. I helped you mark the correct post.

ya ok understand

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done i hope

well i am 12 years
hi you know more coding in kodular so can we be friends or something like thst

If posts like this are not related to the topic, please PM or open a new topic.

sorry what do u mean by pm and why ?

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