List with sequence

I have created a list of urls which are uploaded on airtable. I have added timer so that urls should shown in webviewer. When ever timer comes it always shows first url in webviewer not second.
So my question is that how I can make my app to show urls in webviewer in squence wise.

Maybe show your blocks?

I tried something you can check out timer blocks but it is not working

Your images are really blurry. Can you not provide the images by right clicking in the block editor and saving them as an image?

test97.aia (189.7 KB)
I have provided aia file for app that you can check out

sorry, i don’t have time to check out every aia i am offered. That’s why i said to post you blocks.

Check it now please !!

You can zoom and see images easily.
Please help me its my humble request

This is how you can make 1 image of all your blocks. Right click in the block editor.

Peek 2019-12-12 13-07

Why do you use a timer for getting the images?


i am creating apps on mobile

I found another way.
Thank you for your help and support @Peter and the whole community

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Maybe you could share your alternative solution with community??

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The alternative solution is by using global variable and timer. With the timer 1 will be added to global variable and then the list items will be opened by sequence.