ListView - change color

I need your help.

I created this phone list in a listview. And I want to click on a button that changes color only on the selected phone. as shown in the image below.

It turns out that the green color is not fixed on the selected phone.

I tried to do this but it didn’t work.

I dont think its possible with lisview component use dynamic component extesion so you can change specific item background color

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Use the option in the designer

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Oh, what a pity. Could you tell me if there is any extension that does this?

Yes, I used this option. But I want the selected item to have the fixed color.

Already it is in green only na, then what more your are expecting??

does not let you fix a color item to another or several items in the list.

Yep, use dynamic components extension make listview design and create event when arrangement or cardview click get component id by Component and set arrangement colour what you want

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cool thanks for the suggestion.

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