ListView Problem Coming

i did nothing wrong in blocks and database also.
whenever i select my listview or listview with text
then error come
Bad arguments to ShowTitle
The operation ShowTitle cannot accept the Arguments:,[my selection]

Fix THis

You did something wrong…
Do you want to know what?
“Show title” needs a true or false.

If you are a PRO then you already know that there exist block descriptions.

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sir whenever i created earlier i did the same thing but now today this error coming any solution for this

Solution: ready my answer

i didn’t understand that sir plz give me solution it is a request

Show title needs true or false… No other value like text or else.

sir i got that
thanks a lot sir i have one another question too that sir in my app a lot of ads come but i disabled all my adunit in admob ?

If you want no ads, then why not remove the ad component from your project?