ListView with Elements as Hyperlinks

Hi guys,
So, I’m trying to parse a website. It has an xml with items that have title, description and links. I am able to parse them successfully.

However, I’ve been trying to figure out if I can have all of them as listview items so that upon clicking on a list item it will take me to that title’s url. I wasnt able to figure out.

I might think that it isnt possible but I thought of asking here, maybe some of you have ideas. If it isnt possible, I’ll probably try another avenue. But it would be great if it can work.

Any help is appreciated!

It is certainly possible. Where have you been facing the problem? In setting up the listview items or something else?

I was able to make it. Thanks. How can we use animations inside apps?

With the Lottie component or use a .gif file.

much appreciated thank you, I will try that