Listview with image, tag item when looked

Hello community,

I need that when a user clicks on the item in the listview with image he can know that he has looked at the item before …
The list is coming through the firebase, I thought of using tinydb, but it could not mark the position of the list, since it will be updated constantly …

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Your solution is don’t resolve my question, my question is diffrent, please read…

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yes, i did it, but nothing that answers that question …

I will try making it. Wait.

This might help:-


Assuming that you are using the List View with Image and Text component, what you can do is, get the title of that particular clicked item with the help of when List View with Image and Text. Clicked event block :point_down:


Once you get the title, store it in tiny db in form of list. After this whenever user clicks any item, just fetch that item’s title by above mentioned method and check it with the the list stored in tiny db with the is in list? block :point_down:


If the item is in the list show the alert or else store that title in tiny db


Nice Idea @Vaibhav!
@claujs You can do like that.

based on the solution presented, would it be possible to change the background of the item in the listview, only of the items previously clicked by the user?

No, I think

However, you can use Dynamic Component Extension to create a custom list view, with which you can do what you want(changing item’s background color)
To know how to create custom list view using mentioned extension, check this guide :point_down:

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