Little problem, app, dropdown

I have this problem on my dropdown list.
I have these 2 elements (MARIO GATTI / UNICAMP)
It turns out that when I click on the first element (MARIO GATTI) nothing happens. Hence click on the second element (UNICAMP) works. And then the first one also works.
What can this be?

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_4

By default the selection = 1 so the first time you click it’s already selected and nothing happens.

When you select the second (it’s different from the default) so something happens.

When you select now the first (it’s different from the last selection) so something happens.

In a similar situation, i added one more selection like ‘--------’
At the initialize section (or when the list has elements), I put:
set.ListSuspensaNomeHosp.selection = 3 (where the ‘--------’ is)

and in event: When ListSuspensaNomeHosp.After Selecting
I do what I want to do and then set the selection back to 3 (where the ‘--------’ is)

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Could you please show me this in the blocks?


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Thank you friend
I will take the test here.
And I put the feedback.

I did the test, but it didn’t work.
Just remembering that the elements are fetched from the firebase database.
But thanks for the help.

as workaround for the spinner as first item you should have a text like “Please select an option”

Please select an option
option 1
option 2


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Hello, @Taifun
Thank you for your help
When the screen is initialized the elements are already shown in the drop down list screen. As the block initializes.
Then this list already takes all the data already entered in firebase. I can’t include this initial text.



I tried to include this block, but it still didn’t work.

and where exactly do you set the elements of the spinner?
you might want to learn how to work with lists…


The data is saved on another screen. And in this screen I search the information in firebase.

Thank you so much for the material. Very explanatory.
But it didn’t help me fix my problem there. Remembering that my app is ready, just this situation I just found and need to fix before running it for users.

The problem cannot be in firebase. It’s not possible that I can’t fix this for KODULAR.

you are setting the elements here
and where else?
most probably in the Firebase.GotValue event…
what exactly prevents you from adding a text like “Please select an option” as first item in the list there?


Hello @Taifun
So it would be these 2 blocks.

blocks(1) blocks

But in this the application is all normal. Because you are looking for the tags correctly.

The only problem I have is that when I click on the first tag to get the values ​​from this list, it doesn’t work on the first click, I have to click on any other tag and click on the first tag again then yes it is correct

as already mentioned, you need a text like “Please select an option” as first item in the list

the value you are getting from Firebase is a list
to add an item to the list at a defined position, you can use the insert list item block…

just use a local variable in the FirebaseDB.TagList event like this

set myList to get value
insert list item myList
                 "Please select an option"
set ListaSuspendaNomeHosp.Elements to myList



Thank you for your help.

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