Live location with map in kodular

Anyone help me to make an app in which users can find nearby online members to chat
And also I want to make an app with share live location and particular location

Google Maps , Sensor Location , Clock, Database…
Researched here on the forum.

Please explain me with blocks and components

Have you designed your algorithm? Components can be visual or non-visual. Those I mentioned are components and each of them has blocks that change properties, that return some value, that perform some task …

Can u make and send the coding screenshot .so that I can make the feature easily
Please if you don’t mind

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That is not the way you will learn Kodular. It will require time and work from your side. Just start with your app and see how far you get. Then show where you have a question or problem. Users are willing to help but are also expecting that you try first yourself.


I have tried a lot
I am on working on this from 5days I did so much coding but all are coming error
So please understand

Well then show your code and show the error.

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Where are your codes?

Read This ?

Perhaps this can help or direct you to a solution.

  1. Get the current location when the user logs in and save it to an online list
  2. Get the login time and save it to an online list
  3. If your time and that of the other user is equal to or less than an interval, then you are online
  4. Establish communication
    Would this help? What do you think?

How to make an online list and cant understand 3 rd point

This is the database. It also needs to be designed.

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How to design

You still haven’t shown anything you made.


You need to research a lot of things: programming logic, database, lists, components, events, methods, procedures, functions …
Not you , @Peter :laughing:


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