Load Data from Airtable on Screen1 and show on Screen2 using Dynamic Componenets (CardView, Label, Image, Button)

I want to load data on my splash screen “Screen1” from the airtable. when it loaded then open another screen and show on screen2. I have provided aia File can anyone make it for me. please. airtable.aia (46.1 KB)

It’s not complicated when you get data open another screen with start value and in start value add your loaded data when another screen initialize than set data in list view or any thing else by adding get start value block

please make a favor for me . please customize it everything is available in aia.

We are here to help you not to provide you readymade solution, you have to do it yourself, you will learn more by solving your issues with your own logic, so that in future you can build awesome apps.

Whenever you stuck we are here to help u.

I’m stuck here and have no idea how to do this. In past I provide and many others provide their aia files to get their solution. so, why not you can help . even there is every thing ready. just have no knowledge to do

When you load the data, save it in tiny db then you can use the data in any screen

could I show without storing on tinydb

Editairtable.aia (47.0 KB)

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Each time the application is launched, the data will be stored in TinyDB. Now when app will close and reopen, the data stored in the previous TNDB will be cleared automatically?

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