Load image from link?

Hey koders Eid Mubarak ، i know how can i load an image with extension or without it but i want load the image according to the internet speed ، if the internet speed is high ، the image is loaded in high quality ، if the internet speed is low ، the image is loaded with low quality

Is there need for that? And I don’t think there’s any extension for that.

There’s only one method I know you can use to achieve this;
Use these extension

  1. 🕊 Floating View: float your component. [FREE] 🕊

  2. [F/OS] Image Loader - Extension for image loading and caching

  3. Check network speed read this thread:
    Can we check internet speed ? Is there any way - #4 by Peter

I’ll check if there’s an extension to detect internet speed, if there is I’ll link it up here.


  1. Use two arrangement, the first arrangement will be where you will load the image link using image loading and caching extension. The second arrangement will be the arrangement you’ll overlap on the loaded image i.e the first arrangement. You’ll have to reduce the transparency of the second arrangement. Refer to colorhunt.com select the color you want, past and reduce the transparency.
  2. Now to use with internet speed what you have to do is to overlap the second arrangement on the first arrangement. Now you check if internet speed is fast if true set the second arrangement visible to false and if false set the visibility of second arrangement to true.

I hope this helps. If there’s any other way, wait for others to reply.

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your help, but I really want the image resolution to go down or up depending on the speed. I don’t want the image to disappear.

Maybe call a procedure before getting image

blocks - 2022-05-03T155743.708

if i enabled (High Quality block) Image loader will not working (not loading the Images from url)

us network component to check connection speed.
If network speed is fast = load image from url.com/imagehighquality.png
if network speed is slow = load imagem from url.com/imageinlowquality.jpg