Load items as user Scrolls

Hello Everyone
I made this simple guide to show you how you can load more items as user scrolls.So let’s get started.
I am using
Dynamic Components Extension from @yusufcihan and
Scroll Handler Extension from Colin Tree

In these blocks there is a variable called number. We will store a number in that variable that will be updated after creating items.
There is another variable called items. That variable will represent how much data do you want to show at a time. In my case I am showing 20 list items at the first place So i set it to 20.

Note : If you want to change number of items that you want to show at a time, change that variable as well as the number variable

aia file : Lists(1).aia (44.0 KB)
apk : Lists.apk (5.0 MB)


Sorry to say but this can’t be called as Recycler view.
I have a explaining video about recycler view but it’s not in English,so I can’t post it.

See this image :point_down:


Nice Guide. :+1:

But this is not recycler view! This is “Load more items” feature.

Recycler view is totally different from normal and dynamic list view.

Here you are loading more items when scroll reached at bottom. But in case of recycler view it only creates a view of suppose your phone screen size and recycles the views according to the user need.

Means, if you are showing 10 list items at starting and further load more items by creating more list items with views, but in recycler view it only creates suppose 10 views or 10 list items and it just replace the list items with new one when user load more items. It does not create more views to show list items, it recycles the existing views and show loaded items in it.

This is how recycler view works. It is not possible within Kodular but possible with extension.

For more clarification search YouTube.

Your guide is also useful for loading more items according to user need.


So what should be the topic ??? I will change it to respective topic

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Load items on Scroll… maybe


Nice guide. But I had already made one guide similar to this.



Btw, if you make the guide wiki or add my version of the guide then, I have more optimised version of this guide, with less block almost half.


“Load more items on reaching bottom” feature


I can’t able to understand blocks it’s Very complicated to understand . Have you make video to teach how it’s works.

What youtube and Facebook do recycler view or load more items in bottom reached. Plz answer it

The blocks are really simple. Experiment with them you will definitely find them simple and easy

Recycler View

Yes thanks for guide is it works like Facebook and YouTube

Yes you can load items as user scrolls down like in youtube and Facebook

Than how this guide different from simple kist view i think the time to load and make label is same

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Yes, but when you have multiple data then it will help you.

Using my own logic almost same like @zainulhassan but with very less blocks, I have a made like youtube.
RaspyMagentaQuokka.apk (5.0 MB)

Thses are advanced apps, they use combination of methods.

But you can see in Facebook when we reach at bottom it loads more posts.

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How can i change to wiki??? I found no options in categories.

How it helps us if it same ?

Like this guide right

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