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Hi all
I hope you are all fine
Since I started working today and opened KODULAR, the download sign appears and does not disappear

Refresh the page and check whether your connection is good

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connection speed is good (30 mp/s) due to اختبار سرعة الإنترنت | Fast.com

Uploading ttf fonts file will couse this problem :upside_down_face:

loading does not disappear
I need some help.

i am using 20( web ) block, is it the problem ??
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You shall continue the discuss in the previous post.

Thank you :blush:

Please don’t duplicate the topic !!!
You have already asked this question …
Search in the community and read the rules !!!

Greetings to you
I understand that, but no one helped me and the error is still there and I am working on a project and I need to finish it
This error makes the work more difficult and takes longer. So I had to upload the post again to get help
I did a lot of searching and found nothing

Which browser you are using?

@Adhil_Salim Google Chrome

This error appears only in one project, it does not appear in all projects

Well is that a big project?


no, aia file size 1.7 mb :roll_eyes:

I have sent you a pm

Don’t double post. Next time you will be suspended from the community. merged your topics. Don’t do that again please.

:point_up_2: I meant that you search and read the rules of the community … it is your obligation to know them …

The loading takes time for many reasons, how many components you inserted, how many blocks each screen has and your internet connection. Just wait for it to load and go

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Greetings to you, peter
We also wish you, your country and Europe safety from the epidemic … :orange_heart:
I am just trying to get an answer and a solution to the problem so that I can complete the project, and I created the topic yesterday and I did not reach a solution, so I had to republish it
But if this is forbidden behavior, then you can tell me what to do if no one helps me after doing research as much as possible.

Well, I’ll read the rules well
I am so glad I am here with you in the KODULAR community

You just have to wait. Sometimes you get help and sometimes not. That is how a community works. What you can not do is create another post with the same question just to get attention.

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