Loading Notice just suddenly appears?

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It happens when you have a slow connection.
Don’t worry u are not hacked

Yes it is normal . And the obvious meaning of loading is to wait until all things are ready.

how many screens do you have?

Ah, quite a few but I only work on one at a time :slight_smile:

Many screens seems to be a weak point with Kodular?

Why should it matter how many screens one has?

Does not work that way, more screen more loading time.
How much ram do you have on your computer?

Ok, I get it…

Thanks for the answer. RAM? 1 and a whole lot of ewes Giddy Giddy Giddy :slight_smile:

Why are you making this topic longer ? Well kodular is online based platform so the loading is differ and many factors affects it like internet speed, etc.

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oops, sorry. Guess a little humor is not your style. (Dont forget your mask) :slight_smile:

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Just click on save project if it doesn’t switch screen