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We are already aware that it takes too long now to load projects
We are already looking into it; we will use this topic to notify about updates

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I’ve just tested and the time taken to load a project in 1.0.3 is the same as 1.0.2
The unique difference is that now there’s a dialog

But, what I’ve seen is that if you come back to the projects section and then open the same project, it keeps loading forever and you can’t close that dialog

Loading project not hidden after project is loaded
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Good news! @Vishwas has fixed this bug!
Tomorrow we hope to release 1.0.4 which includes this and other minor bugs fixed

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Facebook Interstitial Ad will be also fixed for 1.0.4

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I have some good and bad news!

Good News: We finally catched what was making loading projects too slow…
The bad thing: it will take some time to fix it as it’s how “ColorChoice” property is processed. This means we will have to change it’s behaviour and how it’s generated…

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We might have probably fixed forever! We are making a few tests to check if it’s gone

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Well, I think this has been fixed in 1.0.5:

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