Locate a gps using a url

When we load a url online it should get my gps data which has no internet is it possible using only gps connection if s how can we do it

i dont think so, because url or web always need internet

Then any other alternative way to update my gps data to database with gps connection not Internet

i think there is no any other way to do this, wait if someone have any idea, but i think there is no way

Can any one else help me

There’s no way to send GPS data to a database without access to the internet.

However, that being said, you can use Firebase to store gps data. Just make sure you have the “Persist” property enabled.

Persist will store your data offline till the device connects to the internet, so any gps data you collect will be uploaded to Firebase once the device has access to a network.

Hope this helps

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Or you can use any local database (tinydb, SQLite) to store your data, and sync it when you have internet connection

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