lock user phone and apps

hey i am working on a idea of a app in which i need to lock user phone or apps on the basis of user choice how can i implement this as if user want to lock phone then a screen will open and it will disappear after a fixed timing(based on user choice) or disappear if user enter the password …

I told you just yet on the appybuilder forum that it can’t be done with any builder.


Oookk…so you mean there is no other option…I have a idea can we stop the functionality of minimise button of user as when user open the app then if user set lock then all the button have no functionality till user enter a pin …or depending on timer.???

Yes. Add all things in a layout and make the layout only visible if the user have done the pin input in your case.

But if user press minimise button then the app will be minimised. ???can we stop the functionality of minimise button temporarily ???

What do you mean? I dont understand you :smiley:

I mean if user press the middle button (minimise button) then the app will be minimised and the lock screen will disappear I want than user can not close the screen for 1min or more or it can be close if user enter the password.