Login and SignUp with Firebase Auth using Google button and email/password with "remember me" option. Please, help!

Hi koders!
First of all, best wishes for you all for this new year!
I’m triying to set a sign in / log in screen with Firebase Auth. The methods will be email/password or Google button and I want to add a “remember me” check box.
My problem is that if you sign up with the Google button the password is not accesible, so I don’t know how to configure the screen initialization so if the “remember me” option was checked not to show the login screen (because it is logged automatically) since I don’t have the password data.
The block “log with email and password” can’t be used because it will give an error because the password is empty.
Any idea?

Use this block, when firebase Auth sign-in/sign-up successfully, call tiny db to save a value,

Now when your screen start, use the if statement to check if tiny db has a value, if yes to move forward, if No then open the sign-in screen

I’ll try that. Thanks!

After some trial and error, it worked. Thanks!

can i see your kode please :slight_smile:

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