Login have an error

Hi All,

When I design a login screen. I used it that don’t have any problem. Except, I choose login screen, it appears issue that project inform as below picture:

Please show me what is happening, if you know way to solve this thing.

Best regard,

Vu Vo

The error say it all, you are setting textcolor as empty string and that won’t work.
You will have to put a color block there.

HI @themaayur ,

Thank you for your guide, but I need to question a detail way to understand clearly. Did you mean the place I circled. I must change text code into colors code.

Sorry for bothering you, because I am just a new disciple of this field.

Vo Vu

Change set Text.TextColor to set Text.Text


Hi @dora_paz ,

I did it and it was ok. Thank you so much.

Vu Vo

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