Login sign-up not working in webview Website

Hi experts,
I am new in kodular. And i made a wesite to apk in kodular. Now the problem is. In my desired webview website the login or sign-up option is not working. When im putting data in login field and press login, nothing just happen.

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When you ask questions don’t just post “it doesn’t work”.
We don’t know what is wrong in your blocks, or in your app. Post more information, blocks, images, details, etc.


Sorry For Miss leading Question. My Problem is, I made an app for a website. Site loading successfully but When user’s are trying to signup or login submit button just not working. Signup or login form taking data input but not going forward when user’s press submit button.

tnx in advance.

Did you enable javascript property of webviewer

Tnx for your Replay. Yes i have done it…

its working or not

“shaikhsajidali” Not Working, JavaScript already enabled.

your website url looks https:// try to check also ignore ssl errors if any ssl error there and cross
check url of website

Brother Sajid,
Mera problem yea hay ki, mera website app may load ho raha hay. Lakin login nahi kar pa raha hoo.
Jab may user name and pasward dal kar login karne kay leya button click kar raha hoo, kus nahi ho raha hay.

you cant use your local language here, only English,

1: try to enable ignore ssl errors and ask for permissions,
2: check if web is working on chrome for mobile,
3: try enabling desktop mode, maybe some error in mobile version of website