Login to the application with a pin

m a new kodular user. I’m starting to learn. I would like to ask you for help on how to log into the application with a pin set in advance by me without reminding, prompting, etc. Thank you in advance and sorry for my English, I am from Poland. greetings

First tell which type of login system u want to make online or local database

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thanks for the answer 🙂 local on the phone just wants to set the pin itself without a reminder and other things, I could just remove something from your code but I would like to understand on a simple example Kiran M. Twój ekran logowania jest ok tylko jak usunąć ekran z przypomnieniem pinu i jak nadać pin stały np 1111?

This Might Help You…


For local u can use tinydb component to store the pin

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thank you all for your help :slight_smile:

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