Login WebView problem

I made a webview to log in
And you gave an order
If the user is already logged in, the login page does not appear
After I gave him these commands and tried the application, I found that it does not execute these commands
what’s the problem?

On which website you are trying ?

Do you mean if user is alreday logged in then the loggin page should not appear else Show the login page ?? Right ??

And what not working in this ??

Use do it to see the result or Use else option

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When someone enters a page,
The login page appears

If the person is logged in before, this page will appear
website.com/ ?login=success

I made an order
If webview has been converted to this view
website.com/ ?login=success
Login page disappears

You will see these commands in the screenshot
When I try the app When I open webview and I am logged in before, I am transferred to website.com/ ?login=success
Knowing that I gave him the order not to transfer Is there another way I can hide the page if the user is already logged in?

Simple Explanation

I want to create a webview page to log in

Is there a way I can hide the login page if the user is already logged in?

Okay I Understand Wait…

Do try Something Like This

When Webviwer page Loaded
If Current url = website.com/login
Then The Login page visible to true
Login page Visible to false

Just add. one Else Block There and try

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This will affect If someone clicked Create an account or forgot the password

Can you share the actual Real website url

So that i can look into it

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Are you sure you got the success URL all correct?

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https://tabspets .info/login


[email protected]

Yes, you can try it yourself

I tried registering and logging in to the site. Once I log in, it takes me to the landing page with address https://tabspets.info/account . There is no URL found containing text SUCCESS!

May be you can clarify how I can reach to the URL you mentioned for a successful login.


enter on
tabspets .info/login
again after you log in

Thanks. Got it. Wait a few moment, trying to get it done.

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ok thank you i’m waiting

Hi! Got the issue! The URL returned by Mobile browser is different from the URL on desktop. When you relogin to the Mobile browser, it return tabspets.info, while desktop returns tabspets.info?login=success. Thats why the blocks are not working.



I tried that
The problem is that sometimes it does the command Sometimes it does not work

Pls check even if I use url Tabs Pets - Geo Classified Ads CMS it takes me to the page in different browser… without using the login credentials.

No, it does not take you to a different browser

The video I attached explains the problem in more detail
Sometimes commands are executed and I am taken to the page I want

Sometimes the command is not executed and the page that I do not want to appear appears
https://tabspets .info/?login=success