Looking for a good (unhackable) upi Payment extension

Hey koders, i want to implement a add money system in my app . And i want a good (unhackable) upi extension . And i was see many extension is in market like leo and deephost payment extension . But I can’t know which is best extension to implemented. If someone using any payment extension than please reply my question . And suggest me for extension.

( I already searched in community for extension but not found any relevant answer) so don’t unlisted it.


You can do the upi transaction without extension… Just a little logic…

Howww ???

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Using activities starter…

But how activity starter track that payment got successful or declined by user

@Yash_Agarwal_376 i will pm you a video. About paytm payment without extension

I can’t post the video here bcoz it is in hindi

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I think he ask for upi…

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Yup but it’s for paytm only and not permanent because if paytm update their website so it’s doesn’t work and believe on ocr for checking payment sucess is not secure

Yup i want for upi apps not for single upi app

Anyone use any payment extension i yes than please gave me feedback of extension you use which is good

@devanshvinayak9 remove your videos otherwise your post will be flagged bcoz videos are in non-english languages

Ya i can help you for google pay upi…
PM me

I can tell you logic that how you can use paytm via api…

PM me.

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I think you have replied to me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You are using ocr to get successful verification of paytm so i replied you that i know the api trick…
Ocr trick is little bit insecure…


how we can pls explain