Lookup in pairs with Firebase

I’m having trouble to make lookup in pairs work with Firebase because it aways returns “is not a well formed list of pairs”.
I think that this is because when I get value from a tag it undestands as one unique object.
Has anyone achieved to make it happen? Can somebody give an exemple? Can anyone say for sure that it won’t work?

Show an example of how you firebase data is structured and what your call tag is please,

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The sequence of numbers where “project bucket” should be it’s the ID of a mechanic shop, the tag Clientes store his clients data such as Name and Telephone number.
What I want to do is for every client colintree listview add a element for him with his info.

Can anyone please give a follow up in this topic?

When you do the firebase call are you putting the data into a list variable?

Show your blocks.

Here it is, I didn’t understand what you asked in the first reply, sorry.

You have no blocks setting the list. It should be in the else block.

use the set.list global tmp

Let me know what happens.

I don’t get it, wich block should I use to make this “set.list”?

Ahh yes, sorry for that, some blocks where missing from previous screenshot.

This is wrong here.


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How should I do it? Can you give some example?

You are putting in the entire list. Look step by step at what the blocks are doing.

Add a few labels to run some tests as to what is being passed

Try the Do It command in the Companion and see the result.


I’ve worked on this blocks and decided not to use the lookup in pairs method.
I’m using the select item in list by index and I’m pretty sure that I’ve done it right, but I’m getting the error “List index too large”, it only happens after the second customer registration, on the first one everything works just fine.
Can you help me with it?

Here is my workaround
Thank you very much for your help Cian