Lost button in designer, help to recover

I have a page that has a two column table on it. I had a button that was in the 13th row and mistakenly placed a new button on top of it. I removed the new button but the previous button seems to be gone. Is there a way to recover the previous button? It sill shows up in the component list

It is currently set to visible…

It’s there somewhere, try by resizing the button


Also, you can set the top components temporarily to invisible. Then turn them visible again before compiling.

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I recreated it and deleted the old one, but now when I set the visible property to true it shows in the designer but not when I run it through the companion.

Here is what I mean, and the button is set to visible…

:exploding_head: Uncertain what is causing this, sorry…

If you like I can take a look at your aia if you share it via PM, if so I will need to PM you first in that case

Well, recreating the buttons lost the code for those buttons! Is there any way to recover that? Maybe a backup from yesterday?

Is there a way to create personal backups? I have saved the project before, can I delete the current project from the last saved version?

How do I PM you?

Have the PM function turned off

Try this first, go to blocks and right click, see if undo help to get it back

Before you do that make sure that you save this one as a copy as well

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