Lost Initial users due to Monetization Approval System 😟

Hey Koders!

Today it was very much disappointing for me when I Published my app on google Play store and lost my initial users as they instantly uninstall the Application due to monetization approval system.
As it flashed Action Required Notification on the screen to the users. :confounded::disappointed:

It’s really a very frustrating when someone got it’s initial users & then found that they uninstalled app immediately due to the kodular notifications.

My concern is that can’t @KodularCreator development a automated system where once app is published then the owner can immediately send a request to the kodular & the kodular automated system check the link if it’s their on playstore, then immediately enable ads OR just disable showing that Action Required Notifications


That’s complete not true!
Your users will not see this dialog if they installed it really from PlayStore because there is already a check if the app is installed from PlayStore.


But each user uninstall the app in it’s first session

And? You really think its because of a dialog which is NOT shown to your users and it is a mistake by us?
Sorry the answer is no.

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Give your app’s play store link so I can check if it is showing or not

Thanks for the information.

And I really apologize for that!! :disappointed:

No problem. But maybe you should first test it yourself before tell that we show things which is not possible.


Force them installing app from Google Play. :wink:

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