Low match rate issue can be solve here. How to load facebook ad if admob failed to load ads.?

Dear member,
Some developer is facing low match rate problem in admob. So I email about mediation to kodular , kodular team replied and told they do not have an kind of mediation component.
They suggest fallback networks. use the "when Ad failed to load " event to load ad ad in a different network. so we can always display ads even if admob fails.

But I could not accomplished it in my app.
Any did that pls exapin in the coding .
This can solve problem of many developer facing low match rate problem.

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You have a read time of 2 minutes. Please make use of the search facility. Your question has been answered before.

Use following block

If admob ad error
Do, load facebook banner ad

I am already using this technique

Can i use these blocks? Does this cause any bad user experiance?

what if the user closed your app and didn’t press the next button? Your ads are already loaded, so this will also decrease match rate
show ads where user have to do a certain activity
OR try to load and then show the ads, use when ad loaded = show ad
if you use this method then load ads when changing screen or show ads in between some activity which takes time to load

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Thank you. I am using these blocks in a quiz app.
Ads are loaded when the quiz starts and the user need to press next button for seeing the result.