main and sub menu

is there any way to make main menu 3-4 (bottom buttons) and with each main buttons 3-4 (top taps) as a sub menu?

What have you tried yourself?

yes, i try to merge top taps with bottom buttons but its not working, can some one show me a way how to do it.

Then please show us screenshot what u want to create and what u have created?

sorry i dont create it by my self, i was trying to merge 2 projects together from youtube,

navigation.aia (69.0 KB)


one more question; is there a way to copy and paste from project to project?

Why dont you use the bottom navigation component? I think its more simple.

yes i wanna use it and with each bottom navigation component (with taps on top)

So you want each bottom nav button to have its own top nav buttons? Just create a bottom navigation on the bottom and one on the top. Then each time a bottom nav is selected, use the ‘remove all items’ block for the top nav and create new options for the nav bar at the top.

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