Make a carriage return when creating an image

Hello everyone !

Could you help me please ? I am using the DynamicComponent extension to create images, and these images each have a different url which I get on AirTable. I have a total of 76.

I manage to display them correctly using the image utility.

However, I display them in a horizontal arrangement. And the problem is that once I get to the end of the screen, I no longer see the following images at the bottom. I would like that if my horizontal arrangement is 100%, the images are displayed on several lines. An automatic return to the line as soon as there is no more space.

How can I do this please? Thanks !!

Pls check up the width and height of the HA in which you have created the dynamic component…

Height auto, width fill parent. I also tried 100%, but nothing to do

Can you show me screenshot ???

I think you are using two HA. Why don’t you try with image in HSA only??

I take a screenshot as soon as I’m on my computer

If I do it directly in a horizontal scroll arrangement, all the images will be side by side, and I want them to be on several lines

I will make a diagram a little later to explain to you

If I create in a horizontal arrangement, the images will be created next to each other, but once I get to the end of the screen on the right, I would like it to wrap automatically, because I have 76 images at display, and there I only have 12

And I’m going to use AlphaDialog to display a pop-up of these images, so I would like for example, on a row 7 images, so 10 rows, and an 11th row with the last 6 images, all in a vertical scrolling arrangement

@Still-learning I allow myself to relaunch my request, do you have any idea how to do it please?

But as for i know, HSA arrangement will scroll images upon user touch only. I think if you wanna display all images in scrolling just like first 12 appears mean you can set it with clock component , Just idea only but…

Here is a diagram that I hope you will be able to understand.

I would like my images (76 images in total) to be created with Dynamic Component, one after the other. And when I get to the end of the arrangement (fill parent or 100% or 200px, whatever), we skip a line and continue to create the images.

All in a vertical scrolling arragement. Because if I do in a horizontal scrolling arrangement, the 76 images will be on one line, and that doesn’t suit me.

I hope I managed to explain myself correctly this time, thank you!

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yes it is possible i hope so…

And do you have any idea how to do it?

Anyone else have an idea?

Thanks everyone!

Well, I finally found a solution, maybe not the best, but it works!

I created 10 columns on Airtable with 7 rows each time, and I am using Dynamic Component for each column. I have block repeats, but I don’t know how to optimize. I’ll think about it, but if anyone has a solution; thank you !

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Wow… the same just now i tried… Well-done :+1::+1::+1:

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It means?? set HA width percent to -2 and height to between 45 to 50 and set image height and width to 45 X 45 and try