Make a Extension for me, I will PAY


(😍) #1

I need an extension that will allow web viewer uploading… like appybuilder’s web viewer can upload any file from any website…
For example, if make a facebook app using web viewer, there will be no way to upload photos to post something… (this is just an example, I need it for a different website)

My Budget is 2$


(Philipp Lang) #2

you can upload files what i know look into the community
use chrome tabs there it works 100%

(😍) #3

what if I want to use web viewer?
chorme tabs are good too but the problem is that
1st we can’t hide the url
2nd we can’t use any bottom layout or FAB

that’s why…
can you make a extension?

(Philipp Lang) #4

ohh ok now i understand you. sorry i am not a developer. I am study java but this will take a few yearks i think. In the forum is a developer who make extensions but not for 2 dollar i think he want 100 because you need a few hours of time.