Make a stopwatch that works in the background

can someone please help me, make a stopwatch that works in the background, when the user logs back into the application then he will continue the stopwatch…

Explain in more detail what exactly the goal is.

  • Should the stopwatch stop when the user closes the app or logs out?
  • Or should the stopwatch, once started, continue to run while the app is closed?
  • How long should the stopwatch run?
  • Should it also work in idle / sleep mode (screen off)?

And show us what you’ve tried so far (blocks).

Please have a look this topic

Oh, I doubt a timer runs in the background for long periods of time.

So I don’t think that’s a solution.

But I’m happy to be convinced otherwise. So someone might create a test app where this will work. I’m curious.

No background tasks extension necessary…

Store the start time in TinyDB and in Screem.Initialize calculate current time - start time to get the elapsed time