Make a top chart

I have my tiny database where i have the name and how much each person has. I need to do a top chart so when a new person enters to the database, depending on how much they register to have is their position in the list and to update automatically. How can u think i could do this?

Welcome. Please show what you’ve done so far. Also post blocks.
And read this:


I think you want something like this. It is made for App Inventor but also works for Kodular.!msg/mitappinventortest/_SNEp0JhBo4/wqo9f5EjJzoJ

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This is what i have done and im new at this so i don´t really understand the researchs that i have done :frowning:

If you find the below to difficult at the moment maybe it is not time yet to build a top chart. Try to study Kodular or App Inventor tutorials.

We have a lot of guides

We have docs

In your case because you want to use a database read this.

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