Make Loading Things Faster. Multiple Questions

Hello Community,
I am Facing a Huge Issue. I am trying to Male an app with more than 5000 Items to Load from the Database; loading them all is hard. I have so many Questions

  1. I am making a Dynamic Home Page, so Items are constantly loading and displayed based on different Categories. how can I achieve That?
  2. A user will Search anything out of those 5000 so how do I put a search Query to Load that specific item?
  3. How to load images Faster and not make it a Heavy Task for an App from a URL?

thanks in advance

Then recycler view extn will be better option for you

You can load faster
You can look query
[F/OS] Recycler List View - Render larger data sets efficiently using `RecyclerView` for AppInventor & Distros. .


dont try dynamic comp… as i said pls try recycler view

I understood what ur trying to say. but how do I load data this fast and sort it according to categories.
Let me explain :
I am user A and upload 20 items of different categories.
User B uploads 30 products of different categories.
how do I load these 50 products Instantly to Create a Dynamic Page?
I cannot keep loading Components is a Grid or Scroll. I need to sort them and make them look organised

what database you are using? sorting is based on the database…

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Mostly Airtable, but can be MongoDB API

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get all the data as json format then sort it based on category using js then design it

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Will that reduce the load on the app cause 5000 rows will take a lot of time and give huge stress to the app

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sure… app will take time to load data from db

But then how do these big apps load them faster ??
is there no way to reduce that loading time

first time may take time, then the app may stored the info in tinydb and load it faster from that therafter… check up that app everyday…
May be first run of that day may be slower there after they will load faster by this techinique.

Dont gets confused… whatever database you use, certainly it will take time to loade the huge amount of data… see the previous thread that i shared, where we took nearly 13k items in 10 s and created recycler view… That 10 s of delay wont be enough to load for that much of data?

How to Make Searching Products from this Huge Database Faster ??

Mini 3-4 sec it will take for lookup

That’s OK, But how do I achieve such speeds

whee do your data present? i mean what type of database you use? without knowing yours it is hard to suggest you the method…

Please PM I can explain openly

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