Make long click delete item from list

im having a hard time figuring out how to make a list delete item on long click and many of the videos i can find use options that dont seem to be available anymore? anyways any tips on how to get that working will finish my project, thanks in advance.

why do you create duplicate post?

get the available list from tinydb into local list, then use remove the selected item from the tinydb (for index use index is in list thing {list view selection} list {get local variable})

i made a second post because i realized that i had the values wrong at first at the remove list and made some changes that looked closer to correct yet still not functioning, would have deleted first pending post if i could have.

so made some changes but still not working, and i tried messing with some local list like described but cant get that to work either.

In the long click event i told you to use local list but you are not

like that? still doesnt work.

feel like this may be closer but still aint right… thanks for the patients and help