Make Random Choose with Dynamic Component

Someone knows how to make random choices with dynamic kodular components

That is to say, in my database I have 100 pieces of information that have this information
which I request and and store it in three empty list variables and I want to choose randomly but only one data not all data as shown in other forums and also not sort them, nothing like that

I want to randomly choose an image but synchronize it with
Name + Link

I did have a chance to choose a picture but the name is not correct and the link is not correct when you click on the card

Example (The one enclosed in red means that this is not the correct name) :


Does anyone have a better shape? or idea?
It would help me a lot if you would help me or provide me with a solution

blocks (3)

suppose the output is 52

select list item
list - name
index 52

select list item
list - image
index 52

select list item
list - link
index 52


okay once you have selected the variables with the index as you would join the three to the dynamic component

Mmm let me get an understanding and I will show you

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Something like that?

it Don’t looks correct.

Can you share the RandomDynamic Procedure Blocks.

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are you making a single card or it’s a list

if it is a

then simple as this -
blocks (6)

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Nel you didn’t understand me, I have a database that has three columns and 100 rows of data.
So what I wanted was for you to show me only one data from those 100 rows but in a random way!

But, my friend, you helped me a lot with that idea!
I already fixed it wiiiiiii! I already knew what it does
In a few minutes I pass the solution and the AIA

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Jajaja, I know !
It was so easy to solve
Thank you!

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