Make Slider smoother avoiding certain numbers

Hi everyone!
May I set the slider to go from numbers 10 by 10?
I explain it better.
I want the slider to show on a left label the quantity of food used (in grams) and on the right label the money it costs that is variable on the quantity.
So moving the slider left or right it will show on the left the grams and on the right the money.
It is really hard to pick numbers like “400 gr” “450 gr” ecc… i don’t want that user has to struggle to find the correct number. I don’t want numbers like 487, 512 to show up.
This is what I have achieved so far.

Thank you for your help!

I think you can set the steps size in the designer… but idk. Can’t check now. Ps tell me.


Thabk you for your answer,
I have looked in designer, unfortunalty there’s nothing that can help

I have tried to look better on the designer, but can’t find anything that helps…

If you have 0min - 1000max g then it will go by 10

hi Boban, thank you fro your message,

i noticed that it works good if I set max value at 1000, but most of the time i have to put “700” or “600” or even less…
Is there a way that slider always goes by 10?

Thank you

It was long time ago I did something with the slider.

with blocks not sure…sorry

hey guys, you just can let the slider make 1- steps but for the label than multiply it by 10 so you get for e.g. 1 in slider, 10 in label. for 25 in slider, you get 250 grams in label. isn’t this what you want?



i have simple exapmle that you can adjust for your project
blocks (10)
these are my blocks but you can extend this idea according to your needs

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nealy same same ideas :smile:
i provided

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You make + 10, but not times 10. You will have to do it with multiply, esle it will give you e.g. for 2 not 20, but 12. Wrong.



yup as i mentioned above i just gave him a simple idea so that he can adjust it according to his needs
but your solution is more precise and nerely is what he needed .
Good work

Ok, here you go, in designer put ex. max 60, 70, 80


Hi everybody,

thank you for your help, i appreciated every single message.
I tried all the ways you told me to try, i made a mix and I came up with this:

Seems to work.
I managed to insert a variable to move the slider by numbers depending on the quantity.

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I think this is what you want…
I have tried this block and worked fine for me on every max value whether it is 220 or 440 or 50 or anything…
but slider will always move by differently according to maxvalue…



Slider(1).apk (5.0 MB)


Slider(1).aia (4.2 KB)



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