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I’m making an App,and I get this strange error.

It does the job and the code is working in the companion and even in after compiling but gives this error.

when I disable that block, the app gives no errors. so i have narrowed it down to this specific block.

what is the value of DetailEndDate? It mast be a number (milliseconds)

See the global end date, it seems it contains text instead of millis. Right click on the global variable and do Do it to cross verify

Make that global variable is contains number

there are two variables (StartDate and EndDate) both are numberrs in milliseconds.

But your app doesnot says like that


It has a number in millisecond. and when I (Do It) it gives no errors in the Campanion.
but after creating the APK, this error apears, although if you see the phone screen, it has already converted the numer to the (StartDate) and the (EndDate) correctly.

but still gives the error.

sorry to say again. You need to cross check again. see your rule. If no value found, you designed rules to value as No Date in globale end date and it shows that only in app. Kindly right clcik on global end date and show us

Cross check the Metadate too

or show us your full blocks to spot out your error

Does the error comes on app launch ?

Thank you, It is resolved, the problem was in the find value.

I changed the (if not found) from (“0”) to (0), and it’s resolved.

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