( Makeriod Lag )Lets Make Of Poll Who Use Makriod Smoothly Commnet Your Pc Configration

Hello Makriood User I have Face a Lag problem From Some Days .I Asked Community For answare Some user Have Same Issue like Me And some Users Have face No Issue .I Want Know The Actual Cause Of This Problem .Also Comment Your Browser Which you Use Run MAkeroid Side

First I think you should write the name properly…
You’ve typed our name 3 times, and all of them are misspelled…

And the same applied to the other topic, you have never written the name in the correct way…


Sorry I Try Implement My English .So Sorry Guys .Hope You Understand

It’s not your English level, it’s just a matter of reading properly (even without focusing a lot)
You see the name well typed on the URL, on our logos, on site’s name, on site’s title, even on a big text on the Builder and our homepage

It seems really hard to me being unable to type it properly after reading it so many times…


Also a great tip for writing. Don’t use an uppercase letter at every word. Only the first word of a sentence or when you type a name like Makeroid.


Thank you.

Anyway. I don’t have lag on my PC it has a I7-8700K 4.7GHz and 16GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM.

It doesn’t lag with new projects, but with bigger project it lag a bit.
There are short freezes, and especially the viewer goes up to the top of the screen after EVERY action, you have to scroll down again!

Intel i5-7500, 8GB RAM, GTX 1060, no big differences between chrome and firefox

In any case I can not continue my project these days because of the bug of the title bar, and the FAB which does not work:(


Stop making me feel bad about my potato PC. You guys own supercomputers!

Same xD, except I recently switched back to Firefox because my Chrome now lags with only 3 tabs open, I have like 7 open in Firefox and Makeroid is fine.