Makeroid apps to much crash

I make simple app in Makeroid i use only custome Chrome tabs

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Chrome Custom Tabs are in the experimental category, you can see. That means the team are still working on it, and it may contain problems, like crashes.

BTW how can you analyse your app?

My app is now playstore

Ok thanks, but then what do you want? Just update it, with WebViews instead of Chrome Custom Tabs.

Webview does not load fast

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It’s pretty fast. But I or we cannot do more.

Yes My Apps Are Also Crashing alot plz fix this.

We are aware of this

So plz Fix it as soon as possible

Chrome custom tabs should not longer crash after next bugfix release.


and what is illegal state exception error plz fix this

Not every error is done by a component.
Many errors are done by the app developer.
As example many app developers do not want to listen when I write a topic like that:

And this is just only one example…