Makeroid Butterfly

Hi Makeroid Users :sunglasses:

If you have any doubts regarding new makeroid butterfly then watch these all videos :point_down:

Makeroid Butterfly components

Makeroid whitemobi use ( monitization component )

Makeroid Side Menu Layout

Makeroid youTube player

Something is cooking also :wink:


Finally super 4 is added

I like the sophisticated clicking sounds, keep up the good work Wayla!


Could you please tell me the dimension of Header Background image and the Header Picture

when will any new componet for monitizing will bw added to makeroid like mopub,unity,whitemobi,ezoic,etc

  1. This is a very old topic which still references Makeroid. It is Kodular anymore.
  2. Whitemobi was deleted due to problems.
  1. There are a lot of ad solutions in Kodular, also you can use extensions to use different ad platforms.
  1. This is not right place to post. Next time open new topic.
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