Makeroid platform blocked

when i tried to use facebookk audience network to monetize my makeroid app it says blocked platform.Does this happen to everyone or not?

What kind of app do you have?

Learning app.its like a book i have used admob also

Did Facebook give you any information about this?

no, not yet. I’m not able to use the banner and interstitial both

this is the screenshot

Happy to See People Adding L in front of Earning App. Wich Comes to make L + Earning = LEarning App:heart_eyes: :joy:


Please dont comment without pp is language learning app.I have never made a earning app.

It’s just like when they believe that when they add “for educational purposes”, everyone’ll help them.
@psilwal121 No, he/she and I don’t want to hurt you. It’s just a joke!

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I have tried to fb audience network for the first time and it says the same app name is already exists,so couldnt apply for audience network.I dont know how to solve that.:smiley:

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Ask the facebook people i guess.


Yeah, that’s the best you could do.

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It will only Work if you have Published it on Google Play Store. Even if you have Published it then they will take 2 Days to Review it. Then if it is OK for them then only they Approve and Start Showing your Ads.


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Im waiting their reply