Hello guys, please tell how can i set up makeroid starter for usb live testing, there’s no video on youtube on this topic,i use my personal Hotspot so I can’t use makeroid companion. I have read the Makeroid Documentation but still i have no idea how to do it. please explain me all the steps
Thanks in Advance

You should search the Community first.

I did, I knew that people will give only these kind of suggestions, for this only I wrote ev everything
THANK Dear, but if can help me I’ll be highly obliged

If you did, then you would’ve found your answer already.

May you please send me the url of the best answer.

I shouldnt have too, do the research on your own and find the best answer… You’re not my child.

If you Don’t wanna give answer then don’t write crap unnecessarily, I was asking in a friendly manner, you should also behave in a civilized manner

I am but as I said, do some of your research a bit more.