Making list from ASD storage

i know there have been a ton of questions on storage but can some advise me where to improve as i get cant load error messages.

thank you for your reply.
the main aim is to download and store the zip files. once downloaded the player will need to access the files for the player source but they need to be selected randomly. i hope this helps.

I don’t really know where to begin to help here. Almost nothing is right.

Just a few tips:

  1. You need a direct link to Google Drive.
  2. After the download, the zip file must first be unzipped.
  3. Then the correct paths to the audio files are required.
  4. File.ReadFromFileName makes no sense, neither does the path (GetASD.GetPrivateDir).

thank you for the advice

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hi i have tried for the last few days to get this working but still it will not kep getting error 701 load error. ive added png images of the entire app. please can you help.

A slash is missing. Post the aia.

hi thank you for your input. i have tested the aia and its not unzipping.
i may have to write the app in android studio not that good at coding but i give it ago

As I already said in that thread:

“I therefore strongly recommend that you use the Zip/Unzip extension and (if needed) the File extension of Taifun.”