Map problem I can't understand how to use it's result

map problem I can’t understand how to use its result,
(23.93832 90.27579 18.938) if the first one is (lat) then the second one is (lng) so what is the third one?
and where I have to use the third one?

This values ​​are return from which block?

all this come from one block at same time
blocks (6)

" Get current location using Google Map Service. Return a YailList with first item beingthe latitude, the second item being the longitude, and last time being the accuracy of the reading.

callGoogle Maps ▼.Get My Location"

Read about Google Maps Blocks

i was asking bs accuracy is too bad

why not try using extensions and apis. they give accurate ans i guess

you might want to test outside to get a better GPS signal


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